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How to be a great secondary school sport coach?: Defining success, mistakes verses outcomes, and the importance of self-awareness

In this Q&A, we hear from Dan Stamp, mental skills coach and Unitec lecturer, about his observations of New Zealand secondary school coaches. Dan, talks to Nicole Youman, Community Coaching Manager at Hockey New Zealand, about the issues these coaches face, and provides insights into how they can construct quality environments for their athletes.

*This Q&A was originally recorded for by Hockey New Zealand for their coaching community

Highlights from this Q&A include: 

  • The importance of questioning what does success mean to me as a coach (and my athlete/s), and why measuring the success of a coach in a secondary school setting purely based on the performance of their athletes or team is troublesome. 
  • The consequences of coaches being too outcome-focused on athletes. 
  • How coaches can create learning opportunities for their athletes from mistakes. 
  • The importance of self-awareness for coaches (especially for their emotions and behaviours) 

Watch or listen by using the links below. 

Check out the Hockey New Zealand Coaching website

Image Credits: Canva