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Wendi Henderson on Improving Youth Sport

Wendi Henderson is a former Football Ferns player and since her playing days has gone on to coach women’s football at all levels.

On top of her vast experience in football, Wendi is also a Sport NZ Balance is Better Champion, helping influence mindsets in youth sport and work with organisations to adopt a Balance is Better philosophy and commit to this statement of intent.

In the video below, Wendi discusses why she believes diversity in youth sport adds value to the experience and the skill development of participants. She also talks about the importance of maintaining a balanced approach and shares some of her own experiences in sport.

Key takeaways for coaches, parents, administrators and sport leaders:

  • Being exposed to pressure and non pressure sporting environments can help with youth development and participation
  • Playing a variety of sports allows young people to sample sport and give everything a go
  • Sport presents an opportunity to develop the person, not just the athlete
  • Focus on fun! Play lots of sports and don’t get too serious too soon
  • Adults have a chance to improve participation through strong leadership

Image credit: Copyright Photo – Shane Wenzlick