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Collaborating for (better) impact

One of the key principles of the Balance is Better philosophy states: Aotearoa’s sport sector must work collaboratively to encourage the widest...

What is Balance is Better?

Balance is Better is an evidence-based philosophy about keeping young people in sport – regardless of their motivation for playing sport. Sport leaders & administrators are a key audience for the philosophy, given they play a really important role in delivering youth sport. That’s because whether they are a paid administrator in a national or regional sport organisation; a principle at a school; a school sport coordinator; or a volunteer club administrator; the decisions that these people make can have a vast impact on the experiences of many participants.

The Balance is Better philosophy has been developed by the NZ sport system (e.g. sport organisations, leaders and administrators, schools, clubs, coaches, parents and volunteers) to support the culture change needed to provide quality sport opportunities for tamariki (5-11) and rangatahi (12-18).

Sport leaders & administrators should use the Balance is Better philosophy to guide their thinking when leading, supporting and enabling the provision of sport.

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Balance is Better philosophy.

Principles of Balance is Better

How much is too much when it comes to youth sport?

A guide to understanding specialisation, playing multiple sports, and training load.

Recently, lots of guidance and advice has been aimed at coaches, parents, and sports leaders & administrators about how much sport young people should do, and whether young people should participate in one sport or many.

Resources for Sport Leaders & Administrators

Balance is Better in Action

Summer of sailing

Throughout next year, the world’s leading sailors will be competing in the Sail Grand Prix, providing ākonga with inspiration to design technologies to harness...
Balance is Better in Action

CRIC-KIDS steps up to the wicket

Cricket is the first of three Women’s World Cups to be held in New Zealand over the next two years and ākonga across the country...
Balance is Better in Action

Learning through sport

As the country hosts a series of major sporting events over the next few years, Sport New Zealand is leading a project,...