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Women & Girls Resources

Principles of Balance is Better

How much is too much when it comes to youth sport?

A guide to understanding specialisation, playing multiple sports, and training load.

On average, females want to do more activity (even more so than males), yet they face significantly more barriers than males in order to participate in sport and other physical activity 1.

What are we doing?

Sport NZ is committed to improving the opportunities, value and visibility for women and girls. In 2018, the New Zealand Government launched the Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation Strategy to address inequalities faced by women and girls in participation, wider involvement and visibility in sport and active recreation in Aotearoa.

1.Sport NZ Active NZ 2017 Main Report

Do you understand the wants, motivations and barriers of the girls and young women that you support to play sport?

There are various reasons girls and young women play sport and want to be physically active:

  • “I want to have fun and socialise.”
  • “I want to feel safe to participate. I don’t want to feel judged.”
  • “I want to keep fit and maintain my weight.”
  • “I want to feel confident in what I am doing.”
  • “I want activities to fit around my other commitments”

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