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Athlete traps and parenting hacks: Insights into clean sport parenting from neuroscience and psychology

In the face of mounting pressures for young Kiwi athletes to excel in their sport, it is unsurprising that doping (and associated behaviours) have infiltrated adolescent sport. As such, parents have an important role in supporting young athletes to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with doping – but how?

Join Sport NZ and special guest, Dr. Sian Clancy, for this wide-ranging discussion on clean sport parenting. Dr. Sian Clancy is the General Manager of Athlete Services at Drug Free Sport NZ, where she leads the organisation’s education and testing teams. In 2020, Sian completed her PhD, investigating factors influencing supplement use and doping among adolescent athletes in New Zealand.  

What will you learn? 

  • Succeeding in the long run – what key behaviours and principles do parents need to display to support young people to develop (and succeed) in sport over the long term?
  • Ethical dilemmas – what can parents do to support young people to make good decisions in the face of difficult situations? 
  • Media mindfulness – how should parents be thinking about the impact of social media and advertising on young athletes? 
  • Modelling clean behaviour – what (surprising) behaviours do parents and whānau need to consider to support clean sport? 
  • Assessing the threat – are there any common indicators parents should look out for that might suggest a threat to clean athletes?


 Tuesday 31 August 2021, 7.00-8.00pm (NZST). 



Who is this for? 

  • Parents – this webinar will benefit parents of aspirational young athletes.
  • Coaches and administrators – while predominantly aimed at parents, this webinar will also benefit coaches and administrators supporting athletes in the development and performance space. In particular, learn some of the key messages that you can relay to your parents to help support clean sport.