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Webinar Replay: Coaches returning to play

Join Sport NZ and the New Zealand coaching whānau to hear expert advice for Kiwi coaches returning to youth sport.

Who is this for?

We recognise the critical role coaches play in creating a safe, positive and enjoyable sport environment for athletes and young people. So, this webinar is for any and all coaches in New Zealand, and it will cover key information to ensure the transition back to sport is a positive one for their athletes.

What will I learn?

  • How coaches can best support athlete’s and young people’s psychological, mental and social wellbeing needs as they return to sport post lockdown.
  • What elements of strength and conditioning (specifically injury prevention) are important for coaches to consider so that they can best support young people and athletes as they return to sport after a significant break.
  • Key questions that coaches need to be asking themselves and their organisations so that they understand what a safe coaching environment looks like (and their role in supporting/creating this environment) in the COVID-19 context.


Sharon Kearney, Physio and Injury Prevention Specialist

Sharon is the NetballSmart Programme Manager at Netball New Zealand and formerly the physio for the Silver Ferns. She has written and researched into the fields of injury prevention and sport performance enhancement with a key focus on the adolescent athlete. “Performing well and not broken” or “Best without damage” is one of her key philosophies.

Dan Stamp, Sport Psychologist

Dan is the founder of Ultimate Performance. A consultancy-based business that supports people to enhance their motivation and confidence, develop abilities to cope with stress and pressure, become resilient and mentally tough, and perform to a higher level to be more successful than ever. Dan is also is a lecturer at Unitec. Dan’s primary lecturing responsibilities are in the areas of Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Athlete Identity and Well-being.

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