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The Principles of Player Development

This video is shared by Player Development Project

In this interview, Player Development Project Editor, Dave Wright speaks New Zealand U17 Football Coach, Jose Manuel Figueira on his guiding principles for developing youth football players.

This interview was recorded when Jose was Head Coach of New Zealand National League side, Team Wellington. Since the interview was recorded, Jose has gone on to become the New Zealand U17 Men’s Coach & Head Coach of Auckland City FC. Jose discusses his player development philosophy based around some four key learning pillars and also talks about the transition from overseeing one of New Zealand’s top academies to now being placed in charge of Team Wellington, a team that won the domestic title in 2016 and went onto great success during Jose’s time in the capital. Don’t miss this informative discussion around the football landscape in New Zealand and some excellent advice on player development.

Image Credit: Deposit Photos

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