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Understanding Identity with Dr. Suze Brown

This video is shared by Player Development Project

In this Masterclass Discussion, Player Development Project Editor, Dave Wright sits down with Dr. Suze Brown, a Clinical Psychologist and expert in the areas of identity and attachment theory.

Suze outlines a number of strategies as to how we can better understand our players through an empathetic approach, sharing some ideas as to how coaches can utilise an understanding of psychology to improve the environment for players. A must watch for coaches.

Dr. Suzanne Brown is a Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Emotionally Connected (www.emotionallyconnected.co.uk). She works in the NHS and maintains a private practice; working with children, adolescents, and adults, with a range of psychological difficulties aiming to reduce suffering so that people can reach their highest potential.

Additionally, Dr. Brown works with organisations providing training and development in applying psychological concepts, specifically in sport. She has an interest in attachment and trauma and is currently training to become an Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapist.

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Image Credit: Deposit Photos

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