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Sport Leadership

For those involved in the management or delivery of sport at a leadership level then this category can help you. We’ll cover areas such as youth sport systems, change management, competition structures, talent development principles and combine it with evidence from experience sports leaders.

Development & Performance

Change the Story

This article is shared by Player Development Project The power of storytelling in human evolution and development is often overlooked in sport....
Sports Parents

Making Sense of Youth Sport

As you delve deeper into understanding the issues and challenges in youth sport today, it becomes clear – it’s complex. So how...
Development & Performance

The Value of Values

This article is shared by Player Development Project Values represent what we believe is important in life. In this article, Research Associate...
Development & Performance

Valuing Discomfort

This article is shared by Player Development Project Many world-class performers tell stories of discomfort, rejection and failure at some point in their past....
Development & Performance

Talking Performance with Jay Carter

Jay Carter is NZ Golf’s National Coach. Recently, Jay, alongside celebrated sport psychologist and friend David Galbraith, started the community and podcast, Talking...
Case Studies

Case Study: Ben Sigmund

In this Balance is Better Case Study, former All White and Wellington Phoenix player, Ben Sigmund discusses his journey and the importance...