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Secondary School Sport

Our secondary school sport environment is crucial to youth well-being. If you are involved in secondary school sport as a coach, sport co-ordinator, Director of Sport, Regional Sport Director or Principal you’ll find content here that will challenge your thinking and help you provide the very best sports opportunities for your students

Development & Performance

Promoting Balance is Better Messages

Are you a sport administrator working in a national or regional sport organisation, a school or club and want to understand how you...
Sport Leadership

Meeting the Needs of Youth

Young people value sport. So why do participation rates consistently drop at similar ages? In this article, Sport New Zealand presents some...
Development & Performance

Are late developers really at a disadvantage?

In this article, Dr Jason Tee discusses how late-developers may be advantaged (as opposed to early-developers) in their development pathways, and ultimately...
Secondary School Sport

Understanding Identity with Dr. Suze Brown

This video is shared by Player Development Project In this Masterclass Discussion, Player Development Project Editor, Dave Wright sits down with Dr....
Development & Performance

Using sport to help forge resilience

This article is shared by Player Development Project How can sport help build resilience in people? Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology...
Coaching Fundamentals

Praise vs. Affirmation

This article is shared by Player Development Project Prof. Stephen Rollnick is a pioneer in motivational interviewing and in recent years has...