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Coaching Fundamentals

If you’re starting out as a coach and want some practical ideas, tips and advice then this is the place for you. You will find content about how to engage young people, plan training sessions, what to do on match day and much more.

Coaching Fundamentals

Praise vs. Affirmation

This article is shared by Player Development Project Prof. Stephen Rollnick is a pioneer in motivational interviewing and in recent years has...
Coaching Fundamentals

Why Talent is Irrelevant

This article is shared by Player Development Project Talent: Nature vs. nurture, is it relevant? Top PDP contributor and coaching innovator, Todd...
Coaching Fundamentals

Book Club with Dr. Ralph Pim

Following on previous Book Club features (see the recommendations from Andy Rogers and Tammy Mehrtens), we hear from Dr. Ralph Pim.  Dr Ralph Pim...
Coaching Fundamentals

4 Benefits of Functional Movement

This article is shared by Player Development Project Movement is crucial to wellbeing and player development. Player Development Project Lead Researcher, James...
Development & Performance

The L Word: Learning

As an adult are you open to learning? Do you fear it or embrace it? Nicole Youman, Community Coaching Manager for Hockey NZ reflects on...
Coaching Fundamentals

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

This Article is shared by Player Development Project Learning and hunger for knowledge is an essential ingredient to good coaching and personal...